Hi Falcon Families!

It’s officially December and it’s become clear that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going to end anytime soon. This means that we are going to have to figure out how to live and raise our children, when seemingly every action we take carries some risk.

Youth sports can bring great benefits to children. Team sports, like hockey, offer opportunities for exercise, which is crucial for health, and also for socialization and learning how to be part of a community. Children need these opportunities, which are particularly lacking during the pandemic. It would be great if we could find a way for children to engage in our sport during the pandemic that’s completely safe, but as with every trip to the store or school, there are risks involved

We feel as though we need to stress basic logic, but during these times the best way to limit the spread of this virus is by staying home if you are sick or have a known or possible exposure. Even the slightest sniffle or allergy-like symptom may be what it takes to send up the red flag and stay back for your game or practice. Treat every symptom as a warning sign and proceed with caution. This cannot be said often or clearly enough. We have a great responsibility to each other right now. There is no practice or game worth risking your own or someone else’s health. Hockey isn’t the same this season, and for many of our players and families this is a bit disappointing. However, if we use common sense and make good decisions, we can find a way to get thru this and navigate the season as best as we can in a healthy manner. Let’s stay active, smart and unified, for it could help us get through this extraordinary and sensitive time.



Executive Board

Danvers Youth Hockey